3D layout and budgeting of your kitchen.




February, 2019


The Pain

Unigres, a company specializing in kitchen furniture and coverings, faced a vexing challenge. Their customers struggled to visualize their kitchen designs at sales points. Hand-drawn sketches were imprecise and time-consuming. The absence of a clear visual representation meant customers could only see their kitchen's final form after installation. This hurdle hindered sales and customer satisfaction.

The Challenge

Amidst obstacles, we formed an adept team, armed with profound insight into Unigres' struggle. Empowered by cutting-edge tech, we transcended norms, amplifying adaptability. Our mission: reshape operations, revolutionize sales with immersive virtual designs anticipating the future. This project demanded a Cross-Functional Team of 9: PM, Scrum Master, UX/UI, QA, Architect, 2 Frontend Developers skilled in pioneering three.js, and 1 Backend Developer. Innovative use of three.js, a precursor of VR, transformed sales, even 4 years ago.

Value Attained

Our collaboration birthed exceptional outcomes. Enhanced customer experience through visual previews; efficient quote generation with clear cost breakdown. Notably, budget confirmations surged, driving unprecedented sales growth.

Extremely grateful for the patience they had for us, the speed of response always and the power of resolution, the system works perfectly and has been of great help to us.

Romina Pisciottano
Director Uniges/Orange