British American Tobacco

Product Launch Reporting System.




October, 2019


The Pain

In the heart of London, British American Tobacco, a global tobacco powerhouse, faced an unexpected dilemma. Their ambitions across LATAM were hampered by the constraints of archaic methods – entangled in a web of Excel sheets, hours squandered on manual data entry, and the elusive echoes of missed opportunities. Their sales and logistics teams grappled with a monumental challenge: Time-Waste, Failure in Data Collection, Outdated Tracking Technologies, and the enigmatic void stemming from the Absence of Real-Time Traceability.

The Challenge

Innovatively, Brocsoft partnered with BAT from Ideation to Scale. Through our Nearshoring Model, we curated senior talents: PM, Scrum Master, UX/UI, Architect, 2 Front & 2 Backend Developers, and a Process Specialist. Employing Java Script, Express, Laravel 8, and My SQL, we shattered the constraints of archaic methods, injecting agility. Our mission: reimagine operations, infuse efficiency, and surmount the shadowy abyss that hindered BAT's ambitions across LATAM.

Value Attained

With Brocsoft, BAT transformed LATAM operations. Automation replaced manual data entry, igniting a symphony of insights. Real-time tracking illuminated hidden marketing actions, propelling sales. Efficiency echoed across departments. Effort, time saved; data accuracy surged. The outdated fog lifted, and clarity cascaded.

We are more than satisfied with the way they work and with the delivered system, in addition to their availability at all times to listen to our needs and solve them easily and quickly.

Maria Victoria Fort
Head of Trade Marketing - British American Tobacco