About us

Who we are?

Brocsoft’s journey began with a visionary CEO, Álvaro Lopez, recognizing a void in the tech industry. A firm believer in LATAM’s untapped potential, he set out to harness its highly qualified talent. Álvaro’s immersion in both the Uruguayan and American cultures granted him insights to bridge continents. He structured the team in Austin, Texas, as innovation’s heart, while operations thrived in LATAM, home to exceptional talent. This Native-Nearshoring model embodies cost-effectiveness, cultural alignment, and dynamic scaling. Our story fuses LATAM’s skill with Austin’s innovation, creating a unique approach that empowers clients with excellence. Through this journey, Brocsoft emerged as a force, marrying two worlds for limitless possibilities.


Supporting Human-Centered Technology by Weaving Frontiers, Becoming a Leading Enabler for Innovation


From Austin’s Heart, Catalyzing the American & LATAM Markets; Filling the Gap with Cutting-Edge Talent at Optimal Cost-Efficiency

Our Values


We respond quickly to our clients’ needs, addressing requirements promptly and efficiently.




Our preselected developers meet high standards to deliver top-quality talent for our clients’ development needs.




We adapt and flexibly work with various technologies to meet our clients’ specific needs.




Continuously striving for improvement and growth, we enhance our services, expand our team, and deliver greater value to our clients.

If you need extra support for your tech company or if you’re starting a project from scratch, we’re here to help. And if you’re a developer looking for a place where your talent is appreciated and you can grow, Brocsoft could be your next home.